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The identification of biological resources such as coral reefs, seaweed, seaweed, coastal plants and other fisheries and marine life treasures in Sabah is important. Currently, the information of the sources is being collected and stored in the Sabah Biodiversity Integrated Information System (SaBIIS) developed under the SaBC. Sabah's Biotechnology Guidelines 2024-2034 have been prepared for implementation which also includes water areas. With this in mind, Sabah Biotechnology Centre has a 10-years plan to drive Sabah's biotechnology development which also includes other aspects such as research, tourism and local community development.
The pharmaceutical field based on ocean resources has not yet been explored in Sabah, therefore with the existence of this direction document, Sabah will begin to venture into the pharmaceutical field more deeply. Sabah also has the potential to venture into bio-based products such as algae and seaweed, strengthening the paradigm of turning waste into wealth, becoming a major player in the nutraceutical industry and highlighting Sabah's commitment to innovation in sustainable practices at the global level.


Marine Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry


Components of Blue Economy

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